If You Are a Solar Company, You’ll Want to Know About This…

How It Works

  • Stop wasting $ on services that might work.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing sales process.
  • Handles all your turn down solar & home loan applicants within minutes of rejection.
  • Working directly with creditors & underwriters, non-qualified applications are converted to approved.
  • All within the time it takes to permit most projects.

If you are a Solar or Remodeling Company and struggle with to many non qualifying leads you are in the right place!

‘Does Not Qualify’… Does this sound familiar?

When business is booming it is a near impossible task to stay on top of your non-qualified leads on your own.
The frustration of being stuck on a problem for hours
having to waste time dealing interested home owners that have credit issues is probably not what you signed up for…

Loan and underwriting requirements change on a near daily basis.
It is no wonder this leaves you feeling frustrated if you’ve tried to deal with it on your own.

With our help you don’t need to ever feel like that again.

That’s why Higher Score¬† offers this service...¬† to help you focus on what you are good at so can do your best job.

Loan Approval through Credit Improvement…

Designed especially for a Solar and Remodeling Companies, this service may just be the thing you are looking for.

Let the experts handle these accounts for you and return them when you will qualify so you can close more deals each month.