Sponsored Credit Repair Agreement

Letter of Intent

This Agreement is made and entered into this by and between you (“Client”), EMPWR SOLAR (“Solar Company”), and HIGHER SCORE (“Credit Company”).

  1. Services to Be Performed for Client
    Rapid credit restoration.
  2. Payment
    EMPWR SOLAR will cover the cost of HIGHER SCORE’S service ($3,000 value).

Credit monitoring is required by Client for $24.95 per month

3. Term of Agreement

After Client’s credit score is sufficient to be approved for funding, Client promises to return to EMPWR SOLAR. If Client does not return to EMPWR SOLAR, Credit Company will bill Client for the full cost of service ($3,000). If necessary, proper steps will be taken to collect the balance due which may result in negative credit reporting.

In addition, you agree that you will NOT do the following during Credit Company’s process:

Apply for new credit resulting in new inquiries unless directed by Higher Score.
Miss payments on any open and current account.
Negotiate with creditors to settle debts unless directed by Higher Score.
If any of these criteria report for two consecutive months, the Client will be removed from the sponsored program at which point one of the options below will be presented.

Client may enter a paid plan with Credit Company to continue work.
Credit Company will bill Client for full cost of service.

Hang Tight!

You’re being redirected to our partners at Smart Credit. After enrolling into credit monitoring, your account executive at Higher Score will reach out to complete your welcome call. We look forward to working with you!